Powell Knife Pistols

The Powell Knife Pistol (PKP), originally produced in 1981, was the first endeavor by Native American artist Jim Powell (Delaware Tribe of Indians) to blend a knife with a firearm and still meet U.S. firearms regulations (Title 27, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 179 S 179.11). The result was a small caliber game dispatch pistol (.22), which eventually became a larger caliber pistol (.45 ACP). Its primary purpose was to serve as a single shot pistol to dispatch a wounded game animal and then field dress it.

The Powell Knife Pistols were produced in such limited numbers (due to high production costs) that they eventually found their way into collector's markets on a worldwide basis. Subsequently, the Kiowa 1 model was created to enhance the artistic nature of the product and to promote other Native American artists.  Those models  entered the collector's markets at suggested retail prices of $3,800.00 to $5,000.00.

To bring the cost of it's products back into the "affordable" range, the New Model (NM) PKP was created. The result is the optimum in firearm construction with more streamlined knife characteristics. Strict compliance with the BATFE Tech Branch specifications (for the definition of a "pistol"), has always been met. Now, it has even been enhanced by the new design. 

This first edition of the New Model PKP is just the beginning of a completely new product line. Others will follow and will also include the Native American enhanced collector models.